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Niki Britton

Do you believe in coincidences? Because I think you landed here for a reason, and I’m so excited to have you! My name is Niki Britton, and I’ve been serving the Houston real estate market for a wonderful 10 years. I’ve had the pleasure of helping over 100+ families close on the home of their dreams and have dedicated my life to ensuring the growth of our communities is done in a way that affects us positively.

I have 4 beautiful children that get to call our wonderful city home and we share our home with 2 small dogs, 1 cat, and 3 lizards. I have an amazing husband who has been my rock through my crazy work schedule. You can certainly say we’ve got a full house!


I graduated after 6 years at University of Virginia with a Bachelor's degree in health science and a master's degree in science. I decided to get into the real estate market when I realized the doors it would open up in our market to help me give back to our community members. I’ve had the pleasure of building my real estate career on integrity, hard work, and the relationships I’ve built with all of the lovely people that get to call Houston home.